There's no life without art, we believe. We present visual and performing art in our space in various forms. Our exhibitions last usually from 3 to 4 weeks. We also curate exhibitions to different events outside of RUPLA. The photos here help you to see how we do it. 

If you're interested to have an exhibition with us, please contact anytime for more details.


“To practice any art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul
grow. So do it” – Kurt Vonnegutt, a man without a country.

As a visual artist from Nigeria I have always been inspired by my
environment. I have come to develop strong connection with my immediate
environment where ever I find myself.

I am always looking for new ways to improve my talent by new
experiences. That is why I have attended artist in residence programs in Benin
in 2018 and this year in Finland. I have also had the honor to have six
exhibitions in Finland before this one
Being in Finland has helped me to adapt to the European culture and to
adapt the colors of this environment with my African style of painting.
I believe that art means to dive inside a person, thereafter, exploring all
beauty inside, leaving feelings and impressions upon your subconscious. -Uko

01. Ensilumi

900 €

02. Lokakuun Muisto

900 €

03. Minä Ja Koivunlehti

900 €

07. Metsäretkellä, 09. Tanssivat Tassut, 11. Karhun Päivä

08. Vadelmat löytyy, 10. Nyt Lähti Lapasesta, 12. Ison Tassun Voimaa

150 € /  Piece

04. Marjaretkellä, 05 Vihreän Tuntua

150 € / piece

13. Ihana Lokakuu

2400 €

14. Pehmeä Kosketus

15. Syysunelmaa

2200 €

16. Miehet Kävelyllä

800 €

17. Värit Tulevat

800 €

18. Syksyn Tuulet

2400 €

19. Tassut Vedessä

400 €

20. Syysiltana Yhdessä


21. Kevät On Tulossa

400 €

22. Mansikat Ruoholla

400 €

23. Voi Mikä Päivä

400 €

Limited digital prints.
20 pieces per art work.